Page Of Cups

Page Of Cups

She rejoices in her cup - it represents her intuition of which she holds dear

She dives deeper into the ocean floor unaware of the dangers around her. She doesn't sense them as she is careless and blind folded

The golden princess or Page of cups embodies the exploration and study of the cup. Here she raises it high as her vessel not only for containment of her emotions but also a medium of which she will learn to explore her empathic abilities.
She is the student of the cup.
The two ornate fishes, which circle her, are her familiars - the Piscean pair. They heighten her awareness on an intuitive level.

The reversed side Page dives blindly to the bottom of the ocean floor, proving her skills and intuitive gifts. However she fails to "see" the dangers of the tentacles around her prize, which will keep her down forever.
Her brashness nature and heavy influence of her emotions will cause her more hurt than good.

Colour: gold and purple - royal colours