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The Revelations Tarot came to birth in early 2000. It was a new millenium and I wanted to achieve an understanding of my past, my present and the endless possibilities of my future.

Unfortunately I had difficulty connecting to the hundreds of decks out there. So for reasons of practicallity, and for a better comprehension of the vocabulary of the tarot, I decided to draw my own deck.

Three years later, two jobs and a many stolen hours from my life, the deck has finally come to fruition. With it I bring with all my best intentions and offer it to the world.

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[Nov 10]
It's been a quiet year on my side of things. Recently I came in contact with Donnaleigh from Beyond Worlds Tarot Tribe Radio Talkshow. They have 2 episodes on the weekends with guest speakers and classes/workshops which you can either livestream or get via podcast. Simply put, they are pretty amazing.

[May 09]
As part of my presentation for the Convention in July, I decided to show the process of creation of a card. Starting from scratch, I decided to explore the "Happy Squirrel". Here's what the finished product looks like and is available to be downloaded (1.6MB - if you already own my deck and want to stick it on one of the spare cards).

Enjoy, and don't things too seriously!

[Apr 09]
Thanks to Kat Black's (Touchstone Tarot, Golden tarot) encouragement, I've decided to do a presentation at the annual conference for the Association of Tarot Studies in Castlemaine, Victoria (Australia). I'm excited, petrified and have no idea what to say. So far it's around 1.5 hours (inc Q+A) about the deck creation process. The convention is in July!

[Sep 08]
I have updated the site (minor) to include a mini STORE section. A small percentage of sales directly associated with the deck via the affiliated sites go towards paying my addiction to books :D

[Nov 07]
Thanks for the support so far. The old website had died due to poor maintenance on my part. I'm now hosting this site on my own domain. Enjoy!

[Aug 06]
Living Tarot Meetup started a thread about my deck. One of the most organic things I've participapted in which eventually turned into a monster forum thread. There's so much of information there - it has to be read to be belived!

[Mar 06]
Tarot Association of The British Isles - Annual Conference [in July] - Check it Out

[Sep 05]
The great bunch of bananas @ Aecletic.Net

[July 05]
Janet Boyer - you rock! Check Her Out

[May 05]
It's finally available! Revelations Tarot is online @ Llewellyn (and selected online bookstores!).

Thank you for all the support, interest and well-wishers over the past few months.

[Jan-Mar 05]
My publisher (via their various departments) have been keeping me in touch with the progress of the publication of my deck. The proofs have all been approved and I'm terribly happy with the results, colour, style and production of the deck.

Llewellyn have done a brilliant job!.

[Jun 04]
Was contacted by the publisher. Wheels are still in motion - book/cover for kit was on the table for design. Decided that "The Moon" should be the cover for the packaging. Name has also changed to "Revelations Tarot"

still receiving support from Aecletic's forum. Thanks Guys.

took prints down for the time being - having issues with hosting site.

[Apr 04]
Recently did a search on my name on Google for laughs and found that some one had submitted my deck to Aeclectic.Com's site as an unpublished deck - thanks to who ever did that :)

There was also a recent Forum Posting on the same site which made me laugh :D

I've also been receiving supportive emails from the Tarot Association of the British Isles which has blown me away - Thanks guys :)

[March 04]
Prints of (certain) illustrations are now available through my page @ Check them out in the PRINTS link above!

[Sept 03]
Signed a contract with Llewellyn Publications to have the deck published in May 2005 - YAY!

- Zach Wong -