7 days spread

:: [ 7 Day Spread ] ::
Monday - The Past
Tuesday - The Present
Wednesday - Hidden Influences/Hopes Fears Expectations
Thursday - Obstacles to Overcome/Areas of Conflict
Friday - The Environment/Outside Influences
Saturday - What Should Be Done
Sunday - Possible Outcome

The spread is best done to answer a question, which will allow the cards to give a possible outcome:
"What should I do about my current job?"
"What will become of a loving relationship with my goldfish?"
Cards are to be shuffled, cut and laid out by the inquirer with the question always in mind.
Seven cards to tell a tale,
The Past and Present upon we sail;
Hopes, Fears and Dreams come next in line,
With conflicted paths that dogs with time;
Outer Forces prevail upon this theme;
With Suggestion and Result to end the scene.

Monday (The Past) -
Usually is read in a reflective manner, and focuses on the issues of the past leading up to the question.

Tuesday (The Present) -
Can give a brief description as to what the current situation holds for the inquirer.

Wednesday (Hidden Influences/Hopes Fears Expectations) -
Highlights the complexities, which go on in the mind of the enquirer. These are driving forces, which usually go unsaid but are felt or thought of in the subconscious.

Thursday (Obstacles to Overcome/Areas of Conflict) -
This may reflect directly at the enquirer, or the situation. A card in this position offers advise on terms of deal with the current situation, leading up to a possible suggestion later on in the Saturday position.

Friday (The Environment/Outside Influences) -
This position usually brings to light the external forces, which the inquirer has no control over which will effect the situation or the inquirer directly.

Saturday (What Should Be Done) -
A suggestion as to a path, which could be taken

Sunday (Possible Outcome) -
A possible outcome or warning of may come as a result as to the path taken in the Saturday Position.

zodiac spread

:: [ Horoscope Spread ] ::

12 cards in a Circle (laid out like an analogue clock face)
One significator - an image, item of belonging or card representing the inquirer.

1 o'clock : Aries: Self
Describes inquirer: thinking/feeling, a way of approaching the problem, read with significator

2 o'clock : Taurus : Resources and Money
Financial situation, material goods and attitudes towards financial matters

3 o'clock : Gemini : Communications
Letters, phone calls, visits. Short journeys, travel associated with work. Movement and mental energy flow of ideas. News of outer events.

4 o'clock : Cancer : Home
Feelings + thoughts of family, home, parents and people close to you.

5 o'clock : Leo : Pleasure, Romance, Creativity
Love, pleasure, romance and creativity.

6 o'clock : Virgo : Health + Work
Health [physical, spiritual + mental] matters + day-to-day work.

7 o'clock : Libra : Partnerships
Joint ventures, marriages, formal relationships. Feelings, attitudes.

8 o'clock : Scorpio : Sex, Death, Money
Deaths, major changes, sexuality, inheritance.

9 o'clock : Sagittarius : Far Horizons
Distant travel, philosophy on life, education + future hopes.

10 o'clock : Capricorn : Career
Goals, ambitions, job prospects, feelings and attitudes towards your career

11 o'clock : Aquarius : Friends
All groups gathered in a social purpose, friends and groups. Social life

12 o'clock : Pieces : What is Hidden
Hidden fears, unconscious wishes, limitations + blocks, secrets, repressed feelings/thoughts